Waikiki Beach Vacations


Looking to Vacation in Hawaii, but not yet sure which Island is the best?? Oahu Island is definitely one of the favorites among residents and tourists. With the stunning beach of Waikiki, nothing compares to the Island of Oahu’s beauty. Waikiki is famous for its mild waves, which are best for beginning surfers. It also has numerous cruises to Diamond Head, shopping, fine dining, and entertainment.

Some great local restaurants to try our while vacationing in Waikiki Beach is Duke’s Canoe Club and The Surf Club. You can dine while watching a beautiful sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Are you wondering where exactly you are going to be staying?? Waikiki offers several first-class accommodations such as the Hilton, and they offer local mom and pop hotels also. Waikiki is the ideal romantic setting for a couple looking for a romantic getaway.


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