Kona Village Resort


Though about vacationing in Hawaii, but you’re not exactly where to stay? Kona Village Resort is one of the most relaxing resorts on the western side of the island. This resort offers breathtaking view and a wide array of amenities to do. This resort is perfect for anyone including romantic couples and large families. The cottages and bungalows have no phones or televisions, in order to encourage outdoor activities and to give that wonderful feeling of seclusion.

Where will you eat? Why not try one of the resorts two oceanfront restaurants on-site. Here they will serve light meals emphasizing on the island vegetables and fish. On Fridays’ you can attend the legendary Lu’au! With the private, secluded, breathtaking beaches Kona Village is truly one of the most relaxing places you could possibly be.

If you take the time to visit in the winter, you may be able to watch the humpback whales as they migrate from Alaska to Hawaii. You will also be able to admire the manta rays swimming about at night from the front of the Hale Moana restaurants. Other than admiring the local wildlife you can play tennis, go fishing, and even scuba dive. There is always something to do at the Kona Village Resort.


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